Simulation of a Victim Cache

  • Cache
  • C++
  • Coursework
  • Simulation
  • Victim
  • Object Oriented
  • Traces
  • Command-Line Application

Victim caches work to alleviate the problem of direct-mapped cache -- associativity. They provide a sort of side-storage that allows direct-mapped caches to deal with a small number of cache collisions while still having the speed of a direct-mapped cache.

This project builds off of a C interface provided by the instructor. All code written by me is C++ code, and can be found in .cpp files. These include:

  • victimcachesim.cpp/h
  • common.cpp/h
  • cache.cpp/h>
  • bullycache.cpp/h
  • cacheset.cpp/h
  • cacheline.cpp/h

Because this project was done as coursework (and a similar assignment will be made in the future), the code is not available as open source. However, a copy is available upon request.