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I started work on this Demo Reel website in order to showcase projects I've completed that lie outside of my professional experience. Despite working to pay my way through college, I've been actively engaged in personal projects in most of my free time. These projects range from trivial helper command-line programs to mods to exploratory excercises like writing a bitmap codec.

Much of my experience comes from these personal projects. In order to provide some description of each of the projects, I list them here.

This website was created completely from hand. No libraries (save standard libraries like PHP's xsl library) were used. The website is a mixture of server-side data (XML and XSLT proxied by PHP), server-side formatting (like in the screenshots page), and client-side functionallity. It uses HTML, JavaScript, PHP, XML/XSLT, and CSS. Data about projects and professional experience found throughout the website (screenshots, resume, projects page) is created based off of server-side data. This centralized data source makes it easy to add data and have the website correctly adjust.

I chose to use XSLT to format the data (and XML to store it) purely for the experience. Instead of using an MySQL database and PHP, I wanted to work with something I knew less about. While working with it, however, I found it easier to interface with the data because it was stored as a plain-text text file. This made making small touch-ups much more straightforward and helped expedite the process of adding data. Additionally, adding more data is as simple as editing the file. Moving the website to a different server was also much easier, as I didn't have to spend any time at all setting up the database, setting up credentials, and making any updates to the backend that might have been needed. Of course, this was acceptable only because the data was not sensitive or confidential.

Originally, I was hosting the website on my GitHub io page. Because GitHub io pages are static, however, I was unable to use any server-side processing. Early versions of the website were made entirely with HTML, XSLT, and Javascript -- with the JavaScript fetching the XML and performing the transformation client side. Because the data wasn't sensitive, this worked fine. However, implementations of the individual project pages and the screenshots page in JavaScript seemed sloppy to me. In th end, I decided to move the page somewhere where I could use server-side processing of data and simply provide clients with already-formatted pages.

An area I really struggle in is in presentation. There is no greater example than creating color schemes -- like the one for this website. I spent some time trying to decide on a base color, and then using palette websites to find colors that worked well with it. Figuring out which colors to use, and how exactly to lay out each page have been big challenges.