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QuestManager (QM) is a Minecraft Plugin that transforms the game from a sand-box game into a full-feature MMORPG. The plugin works by defining quests, which direct players to complete tasks for certain rewards. In addition, QM adds new ways to interact in order to remake the gameplay of Minecraft in a more direct fashion.

In addition to outlining quests, QM allows creation of NPCs for a multitude of purposes (inns, shops, etc). It also provides interfaces for enemy creation (and spawning mechanics), player parties, skill systems, level-up progression, and more. When all of these assets come together, the game is truly transformed away from the creative game that Minecraft is into a player-centralized adventure MMORPG.

The feature list of QM is large. What makes it truly powerful, however, is that QM runs completely from config. This means that the plugin by itself has no quests, NPCs, items, or progression. Instead, the plugin works as a framework with which server administrators create their own unique, custom MMORPG. Shifting the content to config also helps make QM easier to interact with, as no programming is required what-so-ever. Instead, interfacing with QM involves creating YAML config files in any text editor. The config files have been designed to be straightforward, so the most difficult part is creating worthwile content!

Some of the biggest backend features are in the mechanics of the quests themselves. Quests are composed both of simple data -- like the name of the quest -- and complex data -- like the quests that must be completed before the quest can be taken. Emphasis is placed on how expressive the quest creators can be. Due to this, quests can range from simple quests that can be repeated over and over again to long tirades that require a party, involve branching objectives, and can only be taken while a certain other quest is being taken. By expanding the possibilities of the quests, QM allows each and every adventure made completely unique.

A big part of an RPG is progression. Your character is expected to grow and get better. This may come through growth of natural ability, improved equipment, or both. QM supports all three options, and leave their implementation completely up to the user. The user is responsible for creating all shops, specifying growth rate for stats and level-up experience, difficulty of enemies, the effective value for a player's money, and the items themselves. Because of this, progression can be specially tailored to the adventure, rather than the opposite.

In conjunction with player progression, the user also specifies which skills can be used and how they progress. This includes creating crafts and materials that can be made, the rate at which xp is gained and required to level a skill up, and how useful the results of the skills are. Like everything else in QM, skills are made to be configured.

QuestManager is currently in version 1.4, and was last updated August, 2016. Some related works are Iron Tale, which is a medieval MMORPG designed using QM, and Quest Maker, which is a small graphical application that helps further simplify creating QM configs.



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